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In keeping with our commitment to provide safe and reliable electric service, Oncor conducts routine vegetation management (VM) activities including the pruning of trees that are within 10 feet of electrical lines.  Arborists canvass affected neighborhoods, including proactive in-person outreach and providing door hangers to ensure customers are informed in advance.


This email is in response to your request to receive monthly VM updates.  The March 2017 pruning schedule is attached and includes the intersections that provide the approximate areas in Dallas where Oncor VM contractors will be pruning. Please share this information with residents that live in the areas identified.


Below are a few helpful reminders for customers who may be impacted by the pruning schedule;


  1. It is unsafe and a violation of the Texas Health and Safety Code for non-line clearance certified contractors to be near the high voltage lines. Customers should not hire contractors to conduct any pruning which would require them to be within 10 feet of the electrical line.   Oncor will respond to any such violation by assessing the situation and determining the best course of action to ensure the safety of our customers and community; this may include the immediate trimming of any tree(s) potentially impacted.


  1. If customers have any questions or concerns regarding Oncor’s Vegetation Management Program, they should contact the number on the green tag notifying them of the pending pruning as soon as possible, so their concerns may be addressed prior to the pruning.


3. Oncor prunes for safety and reliability. Our contractors also consider the health of the tree during the pruning process in order to preserve the tree whenever possible.


For more information regarding the Texas Health & Safety Code you may log onto http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us



Thank You

Oncor Dallas Customer Operations


DALLAS VM October 2017 .xls

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