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Hollywood Santa Monica Neighborhood Association Block Captain Newsletter

29 Sep 2017 10:16 AM | Deleted user

Hollywood Santa Monica Neighborhood Association 

Block Captain Newsletter

Summer Edition

(June, July and August)  2017

Neighborhood news from the board:

At each board meeting, we generally discuss construction in the neighborhood with regard to conservation rules, crime news, membership updates, Expanded Neighborhood Patrol updates, association funds, Welcome Basket distribution and anything new that’s going on.



 From the June 2017 meeting, the newsletter issue was again discussed. It was agreed that the board would proceed with updating digital strategies for the newsletter throughout the current year and would revisit changing the physical format next year.

As the newsletter is a big job, it was decided that a newsletter committee be formed to assist Michael Tate, who is the neighborhood volunteer who puts together the quarterly product. The newsletter editor is always seeking content, so anyone in the neighborhood who wants to contribute an article is welcome to do so.

 The ENP program and its purpose was discussed, as there had been numerous postings on NextDoor about various crime-related issues that had not been brought to the attention of ENP subscribers. It was emphasized that expanded patrols is the primary focus of ENP, not information distribution. Patrol hours are often conducted to accommodate home checks while members are away, another benefit for ENP subscribers.  



Crime in the neighborhood was discussed, with some observing an increase is pedestrian activity possibly tied to people looking for cars or sheds to break into. Neighbors were encouraged to report even the smallest incident, as trends could be spotted. The condition of the neighborhood’s alleys was discussed, as overgrowth provides cover for burglars.

Next year’s home tour will be a week earlier than usual due to the Arboretum being booked the usual fourth weekend in April. An expansion of Art in the Park was discussed, and approval was granted for an art contest involving local schools and backed by corporate sponsorship, with proceeds going to the STEAM Project (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

Issues that could be topics for discussion at upcoming quarterly meetings included the November bond election, possible changes to restrictions in renting out Auxiliary Dwelling Units (aka, your garage), the zip code change possibility and alley cleanliness.


The zip-code change committee presented information regarding its efforts to change from 75223 to 75214. It was learned that the post office would likely accommodate the request if 50 percent of homeowners are in favor of the change. Among reasons for changing would be lower property insurance rates and higher property values.

The board agreed to change the HSMNA fiscal year back to the calendar year. The application fee for this is $350. Two budgets were approved: one for July to December 2017 and a second for the calendar year 2018.

Updating the neighborhood’s Crime Watch signs was discussed, but purchase was postponed pending next month’s budget review. Each sign costs $250, and 15 new signs are needed.

There will be an appreciation event for donors to the butterfly garden that the board has supported this year.  

Welcome basket update:

Block captains delivered nine welcome baskets throughout June, July and August.

So far in 2017, block captains have delivered 35 welcome baskets.

Block Captain news:

Although I am in the Midwest during the summer months, I do leave behind a stash of ready-to-go welcome baskets that can be left on my porch for pick-up by any block captain requesting one. I was able to return for a week in July to play catch-up.

Hammond Block Captain Adam Adams hosted a block party for new HSMNA residents this summer. He invited every new resident who had moved into the neighborhood during the last year. It was extremely well attended and a great success! Nice job, Adam.

Upcoming events:

Next quarterly meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17.

The HSMNA Halloween party is Sunday, Oct. 22.

A full listing of upcoming events in the neighborhood, around the neighborhood and of interest in the city has been posted on out website. 

Hollywood / Santa Monica Neighborhood Association
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