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#FBF: Remember the #rainpocalypse? This June is trying its best to be #rainageddon.

12 Jun 2017 11:57 AM | Deleted user

The White Rock Lake Spillway is currently flooding. Is #rainageddon here?

The Advocate - Will Maddox - 09 JUN 2017 

After a dry May, June is more than making up for our lack of rain. Almost exactly two years ago, Instagram was blowing up with pictures of what was being called #rainpocalypse, and this week is doing its best to bring its own #rainageddon, with major downpours last Friday and today. In June of 2015, raging water was just feet from the Garland bridge over White Rock Creek, the boathouse and White Rock Trail were flooded, and low lying areas around the lake turned into impromptu ponds.

The island below the spillway is swamped.

The White Rock Lake spillway has flooded several times over the past weeks, with water washing out roads and parks in the neighborhood. According to The Dallas Morning News archives, the lake has flooded following heavy rains since the day it was built. Stay inside, put on some Netflix, and seek some shelter today as the already saturated ground continues to overflow with June rains. At least it isn’t 97 degrees.

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