Block Captain Newsletter - May 2017

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Hollywood Santa Monica Neighborhood Association

Block Captain Newsletter

May 2017

Neighborhood news from the board:

At each board meeting, we generally discuss construction in the neighborhood with regard to conservation rules, crime news, membership updates, Expanded Neighborhood Patrol updates, association funds, Welcome Basket distribution and anything new that’s going on.

There was an update on the neighborhood’s attempt to change our zip code (and thereby our official post office) from 75223 to 75214. It was reported that the process is actually fairly simple and straight-forward, and the committee pursuing this is continuing its efforts, with the board’s full support.

On the agenda was to be a presentation regarding a proposed Educational Committee. It is being requested that the board form such a committee with interested neighbors to track what’s going on in area schools and on the school board. As the presenter was unable to attend, this discussion was postponed.

We received reports on the 2017 Home Tour as well as Art in the Park. Home Tour attendance suffered somewhat due to the expected but unrealized storms in the area on Saturday. Certain board members have some historical knowledge about prior Home Tour attendance but this is not recorded anywhere. It was agreed that this information needs to be documented somewhere so we are able to discern if there are trends that need to be addressed. Attendance varies anywhere from around 600 people during the weekend to 1,500 people, depending on the weather, publicity and other factors. This year’s Home Tour brought out about 600 throughout the weekend. 

It was reported that the Auction Party proceeds were particularly successful, and Art in the Park was also deemed a success.

As the board had only 16 members approved during January’s quarterly meeting, a spot was open for a 17 th member. Emily Fenlaw was voted on and approved by the board to fill the last remaining spot on the 2017 HSMNA Board.

The board is also reviewing the bylaws and comparing our bylaws with those of other neighborhoods to determine if any updating or improving is needed. We had a long discussion about the board’s role in noting, reporting and “enforcing” possible violations of the association’s Conservation District rules. It was reiterated that the city is responsible for enforcing what are essentially city-approved rules regarding Hollywood-Santa Monica’s Conservation District. The board has no role whatsoever. 

Individuals, whether on the board or not, are free to report suspected violations to 311 or the city department itself. However, board members should not assume that role or represent to anyone that they are representing the board if they do report such violations. A motion was made to that effect, which was approved.

We have about 150 T-shirts left, about 100 women’s and about 50 men’s. It was agreed that we post these for sale on our website at a cost of $15 each.

Membership remains steady at 422 HSMNA individual members, representing 255 households. The last year the association had membership close to this high was in 2014, when we reached 414 members but only by November of that year. Last year at this time, we had only 291 individual members.

Discussion on the newsletter, whether to change to color, reduce the number of pages or convert to digital, was postponed due to the hour. The newsletter issue will be discussed at the board meeting in June.

Welcome basket update:

Block captains delivered six welcome baskets in May. So far in 2017, block captains have delivered 26 welcome baskets. Three are pending completion of renovations following a home sale.

Block Captain news:

Thanks for the various feedback from last month’s newsletter. I will always welcome questions and input from the Block Captains. Please let me know how you feel about the newsletter, about being a block captain, about improving neighborhood communication, about what’s happening on your street and about any other issue.

Upcoming events:

Next quarterly meeting is at 6:30 p.m. July 18 at Times Ten Cellars.

Jamie Johnson

Hollywood / Santa Monica Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 140763 Dallas, TX 75214

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