Tenison Park Pollinator Garden - THIS Saturday, April 22, 8:30-10:30AM

21 Apr 2017 9:04 AM | Deleted user

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Saturday, April 22


We hope you’ll join us this Saturday morning at Tenison Park Pollinator Garden.  

We currently have 14 species of nectar and host plants in the ground; this Saturday, we are planting to double that.  

Diversity in the garden is not only aesthetically pleasing but also leads to an overall healthier garden. 

Providing a variety of nectar and pollen sources in our garden supports beneficial insects during all their life stages.  

Biodiversity offers a ton of protection for a garden: soil organisms and insects improve soil condition, 

and birds and predatory insects keep pests under control. 

Encouraging our garden to become an ecosystem creates a more self-sustainable 

and productive garden…more reward with less effort! 

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Email: info@hsmna.org

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