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21 years of cleaning up the lake, and how to do your part this Saturday

03 Apr 2017 10:04 AM | Deleted user


The Advocate - Emily Charrier - 03 April 2017

It was 21 years ago this week that For Love of the Lake launched its most ambitious volunteer effort to date: The Second Saturday Shore Spruce Up.

“That’s 252 continuous months of cleaning up the lake,” beams FLOTL board president Max Davis.

Rain or shine, on the second Saturday of every month, volunteers collect their cleaning supplies and head out to the lake to keep it free of litter. In its 21 years, the group has pulled hundreds of pounds of trash from the shoreline and lake, including a sunken sailboat that created a boating hazard in the lake.

“We’re looking for more volunteers for our kayak clean-up crew,” Davis says.

The next spruce up is set for this Saturday, April 8. As per usual, volunteers will meet between 8-9 a.m. at the FLOTL’s office at Casa Linda Plaza, where a continental breakfast is served and clean up supplies are available for pick up. New volunteers are asked to come by for a quick training on how to handle trash and recyclable material. Then you can grab some gloves and a trash bag and head out to clean up the lake until noon.

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