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    As I am sure you are aware, every year we host a Home Tour. In addition to providing financial support to several area schools, the proceeds from the Tour provide the money we need to run the neighborhood, such as providing services like common landscaping, the newsletter and social events, to include the ones at Christmas, Halloween and Easter. This year the tour weekend will run Saturday April 29th thru Sunday April 30th from noon to 5:00pm.

    This year, one of your neighbors will have their home included in the Tour.

    Several thousand people will be in the neighborhood, as well as on your block to see the wonderful place we are proud to call home.

    As a result, we need your help. Following are things we would like you to take into consideration during tour weekend.

    • Heavy Trash pick-up is the 3rd week of the month, so please make sure you do not have your trash on the curb after those dates. Tour weekend in particular.
    • Refrain from having a Garage Sale on Tour weekend.
    • Consider volunteering at your neighbor’s home.
    • Consider removing excess yard sign for the weekend.

    Here are the homes on the Tour this year.

    1014 Clermont

    6804 Vivian

    7003 San Mateo

    506 Newell

    910 Monte Vista

    Thank you for your cooperation & support.

    Home Tour Committee

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    Saturday, April 22


    We hope you’ll join us this Saturday morning at Tenison Park Pollinator Garden.  

    We currently have 14 species of nectar and host plants in the ground; this Saturday, we are planting to double that.  

    Diversity in the garden is not only aesthetically pleasing but also leads to an overall healthier garden. 

    Providing a variety of nectar and pollen sources in our garden supports beneficial insects during all their life stages.  

    Biodiversity offers a ton of protection for a garden: soil organisms and insects improve soil condition, 

    and birds and predatory insects keep pests under control. 

    Encouraging our garden to become an ecosystem creates a more self-sustainable 

    and productive garden…more reward with less effort! 

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    Check out this story from Candy's Dirt. Make sure you visit the link to see the before and after photos and to enter the contest for free home tour tickets.

    Home Tour season is upon us. From my vantage point, nobody does it better than Hollywood, and I don’t mean Los Angeles.

    I’m a bit biased as I’ve lived in Hollywood Heights since the beginning of the tour’s 26-year history. Having been involved, I can attest to the fact that organizing a home tour is a daunting operation. It takes patience, persistence, and problem solving and you have to love your neighborhood. Fortunately, you can’t find a tighter-knit group of neighbors than those in Hollywood Heights.

    This year, five unique historic homes are on tour — from a two-story Tudor, complete with original blueprints to the remarkable renovation we’re sharing today at 1014 Clermont.

    Shortly after the home was built in 1936, the Bert family moved in. If you know anything about the State Fair of Texas, you’ll have heard the name. Samuel Bert, or “King Sammie,” as he was known throughout his life, worked at the fair for 65 years. He’s best remembered for inventing the snow cone machine. He and the family ran multiple rides including the Merry-Go-Round and owned the Cotton Bowl Roller Rink and Restaurant. The fourth generation of Bert’s family is still actively involved with the fair.

    It’s hard to believe in this quiet leafy neighborhood that “yeggmen” could have ever tied kids up with Venetian blind cords and blown open a safe!

    The home sat unoccupied for years. When it finally went up for sale, the entire neighborhood worried it would be split up, and ugly new faux Tudors erected. I raced over and took a few photos of the original home, in preparation for a blog post. We all thought it would take ages to sell, and be an eyesore for years due to the necessity of rezoning it as three separate properties. However, no sooner had I loaded photos of the knotty pine attic, the clown portraits, and the vintage kitchen than I got the good news. ReNewell Design had purchased the lots and the existing 1936 Tudor home. A collective neighborhood sigh of relief was almost audible. We all knew David Kennedy and Ashley Holbrook, the father-daughter team behind ReNewell, have a passion for restoration. They always do the right thing.

    This house was quite a challenge as you can see from the before photos, but the results are nothing less than spectacular. ReNewell hit a home run. The house is now 2,867 square feet with three bedrooms. The present owners, Kerri and Colin Watson, added a third bathroom in the fantastic attic space and put in glass panels to let more light flow up the stairs — brilliant touch. It’s gorgeous.

    The 26th Annual Hollywood Home Tour runs next weekend, April 28-30. This is one of the best collection of homes I’ve seen in years so, to encourage you to get out and see them we’re giving away tickets!

    The auction party at the Dallas Arboretum is a highlight on Friday night, along with a candlelight tour of the homes. On both Saturday and Sunday, Hollywood Art in the Park will offer activities for kids and an arts and crafts market for adults.

    To win a pair of tickets comment on CandysDirt.com and let us know what you love most about Hollywood Heights or if you know the definition of “yeggmen”!

    Email your full name and daytime phone number to jo@candysdirt.com with the subject line “Hollywood Home Tour Ticket Giveaway.”

    The contest closes at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 18. Good luck!

    See the before and after photos at Candy's Dirt.


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    (Photo by Kathy Tran)

    (Photo by Kathy Tran)

    Craft Beer Cellar is bringing beer bliss to Lakewood

    The Advocate - Emily Cherrier

    Casa Linda resident Jim Waskow and his partner Stan Nauman are living the post-recession American dream. After years in the corporate world, Waskow at Sherwin Williams and Nauman at General Electric, they hung up their suits to pursue their real passion: beer.

    Friends since they were students at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, the pair has been interested in beer their whole lives, so they decided to make it their profession. Last year, they opened Craft Beer Cellar, the first Texas franchise for the East Coast chain, and have been serving up the suds ever since.

    “We’re just a couple of corporate guys looking to do something fun,” Waskow smiles. “On our worst day, at least we’re working with beer.”

    The business model is part specialty beer shop, part taproom. On the shop side, customers have hundreds of styles of beer to peruse and can mix-and-match their own six-pack. Craft Beer Cellar specializes in rare and European brews, but if you don’t see the one you want, just ask. They’re happy to order it for you. On the tap side, there are 16 beers on draught, which are switched with a new brew every time a keg runs dry.

    “We do have one tap dedicated to German beers and another for Belgium beers,” Nauman says.

    The partners consider themselves a bottle shop first and say 70 percent of the business is retail shoppers, versus customers who belly up to the bar. They also offer growlers for those who want to take fresh beer home.

    The shop regularly offers beer education events, inviting in brewers from all over the world to talk suds and offer samples. On April 7, attend the free beer-and-cheese pairing with Real Ale Brewing Company, or come down April 14 when Founder’s Brewing releases its cult-followed KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout for those not in the beer-know).

    While getting the business off the ground took longer than either Waskow or Nauman imagined, now that it’s up and running, they’re thrilled with the first six months. “It’s a chance to enjoy coming to work for the first time,” Waskow says. “That’s a welcome change.”

    Did you know: Stan Nauman collected beer cans as a child, which he tucked away at his parents’ home for decades. When he opened Craft Beer Cellar, he fished them out to decorate the shop.


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